R U OK ?          Be courageous – seek assistance

If you need assistance with the stresses of life?  

Click here for helpful information on PTSD

 Have you ever served in the Australian Armed Forces?    Worried about your mood?    Do you also drink alcohol regularly?     The University of Newcastle is running a study to see what works best to help with these concerns.        If you’re aged 18-45 and want to get involved, go to www.vshade.com.au to find out how you can join the study.

Former and current Defence Personnel - call                                                                                    

Joe Russell – 0438 735 153 or 5607 0584

VVCS – 1 800 011 046

Beyond Blue – 1 300 22 46 36

Lifeline – 13 11 144

 Partners of Defence Personnel  - The Partners of Veterans Assoc. of Australia Inc.  Click Here for web site and contact details